• I Didn't Come This Far Just To Come This Far 🤞⚡️: @dominicacastro  I feel like a Gucci Adlib burr : @dominicacastro  Color outside the lines, live outside the box ⚡️⚡️  • You miss  percent of the shots you never take... it's time to start shooting ⚡️  • • Art direction • • s.o TPG for the spread  ⚡️  • Don't throw your love away ⚡️  Even with my back turned I could never front ⚡️🤘: @goldshotit
 Keep it  it's no time to be frontin ⚡️🤘⏩: @dominicacastro  ATL performance tomorrow. A3C festival 10:30PM via @tastecreators ⚡️⚡️  When the Acid kicks in ⚡️  ¥ Lately I've been ahead of myself •• ⚡️⚡️  Caught the waves. Young EBT 🦉  Wait for it ⚡️‍⚡️  Bet on yourself it's worth the gamble ♣️
 Baltimore performance tomorrow  A Night On The Ave at @motorhousebaltimore w/ a lot of friends 🤘. My brother @jayholz410 put together his first Baltimore showcase so you already know how we coming, let's get it ⚡️⚡️🤘 #baltimore #maryland  I'm out for dead presidents, I can see your true colors ⚡️  In living color ⚡️  • How do you save someone when they don't wanna save they self...⚡️🤔  • Don't say you miss me... ⚡️✌  Early 20 rager 🤘⚡️