Issa Cold Front Ahead ❄️⚡️‍: @dominicacastro  The end of 2017 🥂⚡️Reflection. Happy NYE  Do it at your own pace⚡️✌: @dominicacastro  I'm blessed to make it to another year doing what I love and having the best people (YOU) supporting me while I do it. We about to take it up another notch! I promise you⚡️: @dominicacastro  You can't expect people to understand your grind when they didn't get blessed with your vision⚡️🥀: @dominicacastro  Be You Originality Never Gets Old ⚡️⚡️: @dominicacastro art direction  @aniports  || Do what's best for you ⚡️: @goldshotit
 [Cold as Ice] ❄️⚡️: @dominicacastro  Somewhere between predicting the future and creating it ⚡️⚡️| @dominicacastro -  Make your next move your best move ⚡️: @dominicacastro  P A L A C E ⚡️:  Now I done grew up 'round some people livin' their life in bottles ⚡️🤧: @dominicacastro  A Lion in the jungle, A Bathing Ape in the streets 🦍⚡️art direction @aniports
 Sub-zero -300© ❄️⚡️New music next month | @dominicacastro  I can © the lies through your captions ⚡️‍‍♂️: @dominicacastro  Timing is everything and what you do with it is just as important ⚡️ : @dominicacastro  Aiming for the top, shooting for success. The world needs love, there's not enough of that ⚡️:  Spread love ❤️Bad energy scares the money away! ⚡️❣️: @dominicacastro  Mood 2005 ⚡️ : @dominicacastro #bape