Noisey Includes Malik Ferraud In Their List Of Baltimore Rappers To Watch For

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Popular entertainment website Noisey has just released a list of Baltimore rappers that everyone should be paying attention to, and rightfully so, they included Malik Ferraud!

Noisey is considered one of the leading websites in all of entertainment so it is very much an honor for Malik to be included on this list. The list includes other notable Baltimore artists such as Al Rogers Jr., Tate Kobang, Young Moose, Lor Scoota and many others. Here’s what they had to say about Malik:

Like Al Rogers, Malik Ferraud spits a harmonious brand of rap. His music is a quick flashback to the indie-friendly phase of rap that flooded the internet in the late 2000s, and his project, Infinity, is an easy-going tale of putting everything into chasing your dreams.

Read the full article from Noisey here and congrats to Malik and the rest of the artists on the list!

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Club Infinity Tour Phase 2: Malik Ferraud Reveals New Show Dates

malik ferraud club infinity tour phase 2

Malik Ferraud’s been on the move since the release of his new album INFINITY a few months ago on May 15th. Since then, Malik’s performed a ton of shows as part of his Club Infinity Tour including slots at the Baltimore Sowebo Festival, the #LoudSummer experience and much more.

After a slew of shutdown performances, Malik’s just announced phase 2 of his tour, which includes another 5 shows in his home state of Maryland. The first show is this upcoming Friday (8/7) at Red Maple in Baltimore for the Resonance show. The last one (for now) is the Mixx Festival ran by Shy Glizzy’s DJ, DJ Flow, sponsored by Adidas and will include a headlining performance from Shy himself.

With that being said, check out the list of dates and locations for Malik’s upcoming shows above and be sure to come experience the Club Infinity Tour! Find more information on the upcoming shows below as well as a video recap for phase 1’s #LoudSummer show.

8/7 – Resonance

8/8 – Pangea Fest After Party

8/13 – Depth Perception

8/22 – PSYCH’D

8/24 – Mixx Festival (tickets and additional information will be available soon)

Global Grind, AllHipHop, VIBE, Karen Civil & More Cover Malik Ferraud’s New Album “INFINITY”

malik ferraud infinity cover

Baltimore’s own Malik Ferraud dropped his long-awaited free album INFINITY not too long ago and he’s already received a ton of praise from the industry’s top publications.

The likes of Global Grind,, VIBE Magazine,, Hot 97, Pigeons & Planes, The Source and a ton of others have shown support for Malik’s new album by covering it on their websites. More importantly, these top publications had some great things to say about the project that Malik says took years to finish. So, as we’ve done in the past, we’d like to share these accomplishments with you guys, the fans, because at the end of the day you guys are who we do it for.

Check out some of the different publications’ coverage of INFINITY below and be sure to give the full project another spin here.


Malik Ferraud Announces Release Date For New Album ‘Infinity’

malik ferraud infinity cover

The moment is finally here. After a few sneak peeks at his long-awaited album, Malik Ferraud has announced the release date for his highly anticipated new album Infinity. Malik will unleash the top notch project on May 15th and fans can expect nothing but greatness from the Baltimore emcee. Look out for a new release from Malik this week and be sure to stream and download Infinity in a couple weeks when it’s officially released. Check out the cover art above and let us know what you think!

Malik Ferraud Hosts 12-Hour Giveaway For Signed Poster Of His “Infinity” Album

malik ferraud infinity poster giveaway

If you’re a fan of Malik Ferraud and Positive Vibe, then you’re in for a treat. Malik announced the title of his long-awaited album Infinity a few weeks ago, and the already high anticipation has gone another level. So, to keep things interesting, Malik decided to host a 12-hour, very exclusive giveaway of a signed and framed poster of his Infinity album cover.

The original 12-hour giveaway has already been complete, but Malik wanted to extend it another 3 hours for the fans who missed out.

In order to win, you simply have to e-mail:, put “Infinity Poster” in the subject, and leave us your contact information. If it’s done within the next 3 hours, we will send you this very limited and rare poster. So, if you want this incredible poster that may never be seen again, head over to your g-mail account (or whatever site you use) and shoot us an e-mail asap!

2014 Round Up: Malik Ferraud Landed On Some Of Hip-Hop’s Biggest Publications

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Now that 2014 is officially over, Malik Ferraud and the team are focusing on 2015 and how we can make it an even more successful year. With that being said, 2014 was a very successful year for Malik, as the Baltimore emcee performed at several shows including SXSW, collab’d with the likes of Emilio Rojas, King Los, Curtis Williams and more, and on top of that, Malik found himself and his music featured on some of hip-hop’s biggest publications. These include HipHopDX, AllHipHop, Complex Magazine, The Source Magazine,, VIBE Magazine, and several more.

As we normally do, we want to share our success with our fans and put all of our accomplishments on front street. Take a look at the collage above to see just some of the many sites Malik was featured on in 2014 and get ready for a major 2015!

Thank you for all of the support.

Malik Ferraud Makes Headlines With New Single ‘Believe’

Believe Official Cover Art

For those who don’t know, Malik Ferraud dropped his highly anticipated new single “Believe” featuring fellow Baltimore artist King Los. The Nefarious-produced track, which focused on motivation, inspiration and belief, made major headlines on some of the biggest publications in hip-hop including, the legendary VIBE Magazine, The Source Magazine, and a ton more. Like we typically do, we want to share this accomplishment with you guys, the fans, because in reality, we’re in this together. Without you guys, we have nothing.

Click the links below to see the aforementioned sites that covered Malik and Los’ new single “Believe” and listen to the new song below if you haven’t yet.


Malik Ferraud To Drop New Single ‘Believe’ Featuring King Los

malik ferraud and king los

Malik Ferraud has announced that he will drop his new single “Believe”, which features fellow Baltimore artist King Los, this upcoming Tuesday (October 28). The Nefarious-produced banger finds Malik and Los motivating their listeners, giving them the inspiration they need to succeed in life. Both MCs dish out intense lyricism and clever word play, while still finding a way to spread a meaningful message — a lost art in today’s culture.

Check back here next week for the official release of the single and stay tuned for more information surrounding Malik’s upcoming LP coming soon.

malik ferraud - believe

Malik Ferraud’s “Changes” Was Featured On The Source Magazine

malik ferraud source

Malik Ferraud took listeners by storm with his powerful and meaningful new track “Changes” that was released about 2 weeks ago, and the legendary magazine The Source took heed to it. Producer Black Diamond incorporated a notable Tupac sample in the instrumental for “Changes” and writer Matt Whitlock acknowledged the similarities between Malik and Pac stating, “Malik centers his inner visionary and revisits several points the posthumous legend did while he was still around.”

We thank Matt and The Source Magazine for acknowledging Malik’s work and we hope the world can start to make some much needed changes. Read the rest of the article here.

EarMilk Says “Malik Ferraud Has Represented Maryland Proudly” With New Single “Changes”

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Malik Ferraud has recently dropped a powerful new single titled “Changes” off of his upcoming project and popular hip-hop blog had a lot to say about it.

We found it unique that upon mentioning producer Black Diamond incorporated a nice sample from Tupac in “Changes”, they added how Pac grew up in Baltimore, which is where Malik is from — hence why they noted Malik “represented Maryland proudly” with this new single. Most other publications mentioned the sample, but not that aspect of it. Since he started making music, Malik has strived to represent Maryland as a whole, and with the continued success he’s been having, he’s well on his way.

As always, we want to continue to share our successes and improvements with our fans because again, you are who we do this for. Thank you to for the impressive write up and to all of our fans for the continued support!

Read the rest of the EarMilk article here.