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Malik Ferraud (born November 28, 1990) is a 26 year old American Hip Hop recording artist from Baltimore, Maryland.

Malik Ferraud first began to gain major attention in 2009, after the release of a popular music video named after his hometown titled B4LT1M0RE. This music video was the first ever music video he released under the name “Money” and was a part of a popular Baltimore based Hip Hop group named “TRP (Trait Razor Productions)”. The following year, he released his first mixtape titled ‘Time Is Money’ which was hosted by Dj Smallz & Southern Smoke/Fear Factor Music Group. Released through Datpiff, various online outlets, and physical copies, this was the first solo release by Malik Ferraud under the name ‘Money’.

Early in his career, before releasing his first mixtape, ‘Money’ (Malik Ferraud) amassed a start up following that began to take-off after the major success of B4LT1M0RE. The music video received over 100,000 views in two months making it one of the highest viewed hip hop music videos in 2009 from any Hip Hop artist in Maryland. This started a following for the Hip Hop group TRP that ‘Money’ (Malik Ferraud) had been a part of. In return, this led to sold out shows all around the Baltimore area and quickly gave Money and TRP the platform they needed for their individual solo releases.

1990-2009 Early life and musical upstart

Early life and Musical UpstartDesmond Ferraud Hammond also known as Malik Ferraud was born in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1996, Malik Ferraud began living with his grandmother due to the heavy drug addictions and drug dealing both his parents faced. Throughout the 90’s Baltimore was one of the biggest cities for drugs. Crack and Heroin flooded the area and many people during this time became part of one of the biggest epidemics on the East Coast. Instead of living in Baltimore city, his parents wanted to make sure he received the proper education and upbringing that they couldn’t provide. As a result he was sent to live with his grandmother in Baltimore County at an early age.

In 2007, at the age of sixteen, Malik was faced with a new challenge in life. On March 26, 2007 his girlfriend at the time gave birth to his daughter Cerina Hammond. From this moment on Malik Ferraud began to take all of the ideas, poetry, and writings he created more serious. Music became a way to express himself, and overcome the challenges he had faced as a young teen.

Writing daily, what had begun as a mere hobby turned into a theraputic outlet for expression. This was around the same time he learned more about the music industry and its potential financial gain that would allow him to take care of his daughter.

2008-2010: Time Is Money, Trait Razor Productions (TRP)

2008-2010 TRP (group shot)

Throughout 2008, Malik Ferraud (known as ‘Money’ at the time) began to figure out different ways to gain exposure for the music that he was creating. From cyphers at school, to freestyling with friends, he would showcase his talent to anyone that would listen. In the summer of 2008, he met another up and coming artist Camillo Iacoboni that went by the name “Trait Razor”. After ordering food multiple times from a local pizza shop, “Trait Razor” who delivered for the shop at the time noticed ‘Money’ (Malik Ferraud) on his computer working on what had been a very early version of FL studios (Fruity Loops, music editing software). After ‘Trait Razor’ brought up the fact that he too made music and was familiar with FL studio, they related as artists and became friends. Shortly after that time ‘Trait Razor’ mentioned to ‘Money’ an idea he had been working on for awhile which involved creating a local Hip Hop group by the name of ‘TRP’ under a start up label he was interested in developing called ‘Trait Razor Productions’. Money (Malik Ferraud) thought the idea was great, and from there began representing the group ‘TRP’ as one of the Hip Hop artists affiliated with the label. On October 8, 2009 his first official music video release ‘B4LT1M0RE’ was released and started to gain him early attention. This was the first music video he released through ‘TRP’.

2008-2010 TRP sold out show

In late 2010, ‘Money’ would go on to release his very first solo mixtape titled ‘Time Is Money’ Hosted By Dj Smallz & Fear Factor Music group. This was his first and last solo release under the name ‘Money’ and the only project he released in the group ‘TRP’ and under the label Trait Razor Productions. However, he went on to make multiple appearances on projects for other artists affiliated with the label at the time, as well as music video collaborations with ‘Trait Razor’.

2011-2012: Name change, Positive Vibe, Second solo release

2011-2012 pic 2 Positive Vibe Original image Logo

The beginning of 2011 was looking great for ‘Money’ (Malik Ferraud) after the success ‘Time Is Money’ received he decided to release countless freestyles and singles online to keep the attention of his listeners. After his first solo release under the name ‘Money’ and understanding the music industry a bit more, ‘Money’ began to realize a few things needed to change in order for him to make progress and be taken more serious in this music industry. Questioning why many people couldn’t find his music online and/or recognize him for his work, he quickly understood that his stage name just wasn’t the right fit. Shortly after leaving the group ‘TRP’ he realized that while the name ‘Money’ had gained him minor success within the group, in order to create a more individual identity, he needed to change his stage name.

After moths of debate, he just couldn’t find anything that suited him. Then one day someone mentioned to him in order for people to connect with you, they need to feel like they really know you. He decided the best way to do this would be to use a real name. Juggling with that idea for awhile, he started to think that maybe it could work but, instead of going by his first name to use his middle name, Ferraud which had been a unique name that no one else went by. After the name Ferraud seemed to stick, he started to think maybe it was a bit plain and didn’t feel natural; it was missing something. After being inspired by artists like Kanye West, The Notorious B.I.G (Christopher Wallace), Tupac Shakur, Eminem (Marshall Mathers) and countless others he felt using a first and last name would be more relatable.


On August 3rd, 2011 the name Malik Ferraud was born. This was the beginning of a new start and essentially would allow Malik Ferraud to solidify his name, and allow people to truly connect with him as an artist. As of now it is unknown if Malik Ferraud will ever release another project under the name ‘Money’ but, according to him ‘Money’ is still an alias he will always remember and still sometimes responds to. For the next few months Malik began creating songs for his first official release. Within this time frame he also started his own independent company/movement called Positive Vibe which also gave him a new label affiliation to build his following. Positive Vibe according to Malik Ferraud “is a movement for my fans to feel a part of and is a representation of my friends and I who all have creative minds that collectively put art and positive energy back into the world”. According to Malik, Positive Vibe started off as not just an idea that he wanted people to be involved with, but also to have it be a ‘home’ for those who face daily struggles, issues, and problems, and may not have a positive outlook on life.

On June 6, 2012 Malik Ferraud would release his first solo mixtape titled ‘DAMN’. The 27 track half original production, half remixed mixtape exclusively released online and with a minimum physical retail release, still managed to receive high attention online and even got Malik placement on some of his very first Hip Hop based websites. This eventually allowed him to become a name among many other popular artists who typically got placement on major hip hop sites. As a result, the name Malik Ferraud started to have its own search query within Google and other websites. For many, this was the first time hearing the name Malik Ferraud, and for the many fans who supported ‘Money’ this would be the first time they heard a full project in almost 2 years.

 2013-2014: Free releases, New music

Malik Ferraud BPhotography Shoot 2

After the release of DAMN, Malik Ferraud would go on to have live performances and release new music online consistently for his fans. This started to gain him a stronger following and anticipation for his next full project. At the end of 2013′ he was featured on The Source Magazine, Complex Magazine, and Vibe Magazine websites as an up and coming artist to look out for. He currently is in the process of creating his new LP (name/date TBA). It’s rumored to be released in 2015.

2015 – Present: INFINITY

malik ferraud infinity cover

The aforementioned rumored LP finally dropped in May of 2015, titled INFINITY. The 17-track project included features from King Los, Curtis Williams and Lonnie Moore. Malik saw great success with this project, racking upwards to 200,000 streams & thousands of downloads just within the first few months of its release. Ferraud then went on two hometown area tours deemed Club Infinity. Not much has been released as of late but, it’s rumored Malik is currently on slate to release a new project for 2017.





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* DAMN (2012)