Noisey Includes Malik Ferraud In Their List Of Baltimore Rappers To Watch For

malik noisey

Popular entertainment website Noisey has just released a list of Baltimore rappers that everyone should be paying attention to, and rightfully so, they included Malik Ferraud!

Noisey is considered one of the leading websites in all of entertainment so it is very much an honor for Malik to be included on this list. The list includes other notable Baltimore artists such as Al Rogers Jr., Tate Kobang, Young Moose, Lor Scoota and many others. Here’s what they had to say about Malik:

Like Al Rogers, Malik Ferraud spits a harmonious brand of rap. His music is a quick flashback to the indie-friendly phase of rap that flooded the internet in the late 2000s, and his project, Infinity, is an easy-going tale of putting everything into chasing your dreams.

Read the full article from Noisey here and congrats to Malik and the rest of the artists on the list!

malik ferraud noisey

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